Javascript Engineer

London, United Kingdom


We are looking for experienced engineers to work in our expanding team at Adazzle, with a specific focus on building large, cutting edge web applications using ReactJS. You'll immediately join one of our product teams, working with product owners, QA and account management. As a React/Front end specialist engineer, you'll define best practice, come up with architectural designs for large pieces of work, and set an example for the rest of the team and the company to follow. You'll help define the patterns and components that underpin our product, focussing on great user experiences dealing with large volumes of complex data, used for business critical process by large scale media agencies

We use React across the breadth of our product, but some of the key areas that we are building are:



We think the right person can quickly learn our stack, but experience in the following would be helpful:


We currently offer:

We're working on an improved range of benefits in the near future (we're hoping to bring these in for April 2016 but the timing and exact details are subject to change) with improvements and additions along the following lines:

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